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ARTIS RUN LIVE is the Technogym treadmill synonymous with excellence: it combines the highest standards of design, treadmill technology and connectivity. ARTIS RUN Treadmill completes the fully integrated collection of 30 cardio, strength and functional products from the ARTIS line.

The ARTIS RUN treadmill deck provides a cushioned surface which adapts automatically to different running styles. This feeling of natural movement for running or walking ensures the most comfortable workout experience. ARTIS RUN treadmill also provides the widest running surface available on the market giving users enhanced freedom. The treadmill incorporates precise ergonomic standards for correct positioning and tilt of the user interface. With ARTIS RUN it is also possible to perform Interval Training running exercises in a simple and intuitive way: with Fast Track Control users can select speed and tilt values without interrupting the exercise. Typtronic type adjustment allows you to set different speeds without having to change the rhythm of your workout.

The running machine also turns into an immersive digital experience with the UNITY 3.0 console that allows users to enjoy countless entertainment options and compete in new RACE challenges in the arena or circuits of the most popular marathons. The stunning backlit LCD display enhances image quality, giving programs and content the highest definition and bright colors.

Feel the difference
Step on the treadmill and watch it turn on as it senses you. Always feel the perfect bounce as the surface adapts to your running style. Change settings on the fly with all controls at hand. Welcome to a superior training experience.

Superbly designed
The beauty of Artis Run is by all means intentional. Form doesn’t only follow function: it embraces it with its smooth curves, reverberating through the entire Artis cardio and strength collection.

Easy settings
The two Fast Track joystick controls are always at hand, making speed and incline changes a breeze. You can also program them to switch rapidly among different speed levels, for instant interval training profiles.

Optimal Stride
The cushioned surface adapts automatically to your running style. Enjoy the pleasure of running on the widest surface, smooth and at any speed.

Its seamless design and defined ergonomic standards elevate the training experience to the next level. Connectivity artificial intelligence, a vast library of one-to-one sessions and guided training routines make it more exciting and personal than ever. And its unique cushioned surface gives you a superb and natural running sensation. Artis® Run embodies the very essence of running…indoors.

Connected training
Guided sessions. Faithful reproduction of your favorite outdoor tracks. Unlimited entertainment. Log in in an instant and find your experience just where you left it. The new 21.5” Full HD Live console partners with your enthusiasm to take you miles further.

Dimensions (LxWxH)
2060 x 885 x 1605 mm | 81 x 35 x 63 in (from workout position)
205 kg | 452 lbs
Running Surface (L x W)
1520 x 580 mm | 60 x 23 in
Running surface height above ground
240 mm |9.4 in

Electrical specifications
Power requirement
200-240 Vac ±10% 50-60 Hz (version "E"), dedicated 16 A socket 100-240 Vac ±10% 50-60 Hz (version "A"), dedicated 20 A socket