CYBEX Assisted Chin Dip
CYBEX Assisted Chin Dip
CYBEX Assisted Chin Dip

CYBEX Assisted Chin Dip

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Cybex Assisted Dip/ Chin  

Cybex Modular Assisted Chin-Up Dip, provides Up to 117.5 lbs of Assistance.

 By doing pull-ups chin-ups and dips, you can effectively and efficiently build muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.



  • Provides Up to 117.5 lbs (54 kg) of Assistance
  • “Extra-sized” Dip Grips Provide Improved Comfort.
  • Dual Grip Positions Accommodate User Size and Movement Variety.
  • Pull-Up Bar Offers Both Bar and Neutral Grips for Individual Preference.
  • Steps Allow Easy Ingress and Egress.
  • Foot Bar Easily Flips-Up for Unassisted Pull-Ups and Dips.


  • Dimensions: 59" L x 49" W x 98" H / (149 x 123 x 249 cm)
  • Weight: 660 lbs (300 kg)