Cybex SPARC Elliptical 50A1
Cybex SPARC Elliptical 50A1

Cybex SPARC Elliptical 50A1

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Cybex Sparc Elliptical 50A1 Features

Patented arcuate motion reduces strain on knees

  • Manually controlled incline offers three positions to change the emphasis on different muscle groups
  • Multiple hand positions to accommodate different sizes and generate optimal power
  • Additional resistance mechanism offers increased intensity levels
  • 2 modes of operation:
    Circuit Mode – Single, quick, high power movement lasting typically less than one minute
    Interval Mode – Longer duration workout that has user-defined high intensity and rests



Amp up your training zones & group classes

Supercharge your functional, suspension and other training zones. Electrify your boot camp, cross training and other small group classes.

High Intensity Interval Training Evolved

According to ACSM's worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2015, HIIT is a top trend among your members.

Powerful Running At Athletic Speeds

In the resisted cardio category, SPARC aggressively differentiates itself from rowers, steppers, indoor cycles, etc. with sprint-like mechanics in a non-impact environment.

Intense training with fast, quick results."