Nautilus Nitro Lower Back

Nautilus Nitro Lower Back

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The Nautilus Nitro Lower Back is the only full range lumbar isolated machine that emulates the function of rotation around multiple vertebrae. This increases core strength and stability, offering the user maximum results. A large flat back pad spreads out over a larger area, eliminating pressure on the spine, and pivots for user comfort.

The Nautilus Nitro line is a compact, durable, and ergonomic 26-piece line of variable resistance selectorized strength machines designed to adapt to the way the body moves for more efficient performance and quicker results. Nautilus Nitro equipment utilizes Optimal Strength Curve Technology, which ensures smooth resistance and correct muscle recruitment through the entire movement, as well as dynamically matches the user's strength curve through a patented four-bar linkage mechanism and converging axis movements. The partially shielded weight stacks are seat-accessible and bright yellow adjustment knobs are easy to identify and user-friendly.

A Nautilus Nitro Lower Back is, and can best be described as follows: A Back Extension, or Low Back Extension, is a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of fitness equipment designed to work the muscles of the Lower Back during strength training. The user is in a seated position and lifts the loaded or selected weight by pushing against a back pad while extending the spine.


Machine Classification: S3LB

Item:Back Extension
Training Zone:Torso

Technical Specifications: S3LB

Dimensions56" L by 38" W by 54" H
Weight572 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity200 Lbs.
Classic full-range variable resistance cams and converging axis movements
Partially shielded weight stack in 5 lb increments to allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently
Each unit features 2in x 4in steel frames for maximum durability
Super smooth belt drives
Ergo Grip rotating handles
Traditional seat pads
Adjustable foot platform places knees above hips to eliminate pelvic thrust and maintain alignment
Contoured lower back pad allows full range extension