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Octane XR6000 Elliptical Detailed Overview


The new Octane XR6000 is the premier recumbent elliptical trainer from Octane Fitness, a brand that builds exclusively zero impact fitness machines for health clubs and home gyms. The XR6000 is a back-friendly alternative to standing ellipticals and is more effective at calorie burn and muscle recruitment than a typical recumbent elliptical or reclining bike. This high-end elliptical is built with premium components to support exercise that’s customizable to any strength, exceptionally gentle on joints, and enhanced with modern electronics.

Octane recently updated the XR6000 with a choice of two new data consoles. Each is stocked with excellent workout programming not only for the lower body, but also for the upper body; some training modes are Leg Press, Chest Press, Push Arms, Pull Arms, and XMode for interval training. Riders can also set up customized routines with 30 resistance levels to choose from.
Extras on the top-tier Smart XR6000 console include a 10” touchscreen for accessing built-in video exercise guidance and browsing the web. The videos work with Octane’s “CROSS CiRCUIT” training, or programs that help trainees alternate between cardio and strength exercises on and off the elliptical.

Like other Octane elliptical trainers the new XR6000 can be upgraded with an entertainment center (TV and wireless radio). Other accessories are adjustable weights and a chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring.