Soft Foam, Stackable Plyo Boxes Set

Soft Foam, Stackable Plyo Boxes Set

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Troy Soft Foam, Stackable Plyo Boxes 

Product Dimensions:

36x30 Landing area


Product Description: Raise your level of training intensity and experience a “softer” landing with a set of our soft foam, stackable plyo boxes. These durable, foam covered boxes help prevent injury by easing stresses to muscles and joints while protecting exposed knees and shins. The T-PLYO can be purchased as individual pieces or as a set of four and include the following features. 

  • Heights Include: 6", 12", 18", and 24", and the ability to stack the boxes
  • Ultra dense foam
  • Covered with heavy duty vinyle
  • Large velcro flaps to securely hold boxes in place
  • 36x30 landing area on all sizes