TechnoGym ARTIS Synchro with UNITY 3 Console ( 2 years old)
TechnoGym ARTIS Synchro with UNITY 3 Console ( 2 years old)

TechnoGym ARTIS Synchro with UNITY 3 Console ( 2 years old)

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Artis Synchro

Best-in-class biomechanics ensure the most natural movement and boost glutes activation. Built-in routines with video guidance, a vast library of personal training sessions and artificial intelligence make training more varied and exciting than ever. The new Artis® Synchro opens new horizons to the elliptical trainer.

The most natural movement

Feel at one with Synchro thanks to its ergonomic design and empowering stride.

Hit your stride

Enjoy movement to its fullest. With Artis Synchro you can take the longest stride ever, up to 67cm, for a totally satisfying and natural training experience.


Avoid foot numbness

The loading response footplates take pressure off the feet by adjusting to the natural ankle position.


Swing naturally

The ergonomic upper body levers follow a trajectory that matches the spontaneous convergent motion of your arms, for a fully natural total body movement.


Engaging exercise variety

With four video-guided routines, that you can perform at different levels of intensity, Synchro makes your workout more varied and exciting.

Widest degree of movement

Expand the variety and range of your movement with the new Quick Ramp that allows you to change gradients on the fly.


Targeted routines

Artis Synchro’s science-based workouts exploit the versatility of the Quick Ramp to help achieve your objectives in a fun and effective way. With 25 different levels of intensity, you can set yourself new challenges every day.


Results made easy

A unique combination of ease of use and performance is the new Artis Synchro’s powerful difference. Enjoy the widest range of movement ever and feel the effect on your glutes and lower body muscles.

artis synchro results made easy

Boost glute activation

The advanced biomechanics favor full hip extension, while the angled front bar enables you to lean forwards to achieve the optimal engagement of your glute muscles.


Always ready for you

The footplate automatically repositions itself close to the floor for easy and comfortable access. Its automatic detection technology turns the elliptical on so you’re good to go in an instant.


Train smarter

The full HD display of the Live console makes your workout fun again: a personal trainer always by your side, exciting routines, virtual landscapes, apps and entertainment. Log in instantly and open the doors of your own digital world.

Let natural and urban landscapes captivate you while you’re working out. Be amazed by where your travels around the world can take you.

Watch your favorite Netflix series or TV program on the HD display. Get your groove on with your go-to Spotify or YouTube playlist, or browse the most popular websites.

Wireless charger

How will you arrange that night out after workout when you’re battery dry? Problem solved: place your compatible device in the marked area of the tray and let it refill its juice. Social life saved.

Smartwatch ready

Use the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to login to the equipment, track your activities and heart rate.



Dimensions (LxWxH)

2090 x 700 x 1700 mm (82” x 27” x 67”)
from workout position
Equipment Weight

180 kg (395 lbs)
Courtesy StepTM for easy access

Difficulty levels

Minimum pedal height from floor

250 mm (10”)
Stride length

670mm (26”)
Inner pedal distance

60 mm (2.5”)
Footrests width (each one)

170 mm (6.7”)
Max user weight

181 kg (400 lbs)
User height

140 cm – 205 cm (4.6 – 6.7 ft)

Adjustable, Quick Ramp (5° - 35°)
Power requirement

100-240V ±10% 50-60 Hz