TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console
TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console
TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console
TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console
TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console

TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console

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TechnoGym EXCITE 1000 Treadmill with LIVE Console

    Technogym Live is the new console that offers your members a revolutionary workout experience with live and on-demand content accessible from the Technogym product console and on the Mywellness app. In addition to the extensive library of content created by Technogym, operators will be able to create their own content with workouts to make available to their clients at home.

    The new Technogym Live console includes an extensive library of Technogym Sessions, the new on-demand digital workouts available on all cardio products. The library includes workout videos - of different duration and focus - led by popular trainers from London, New York, Milan and Los Angeles.

    Technogym Sessions are organized in a series of six collections, each with a specific focus: weight loss, resistance training, etc. In addition, users can try out the new Routines, a series of easy-to-follow exercises guided on-screen videos, with specific goals and workloads. For users who like to set specific goals, the Exercises section is the right one: workouts based on distance, calories or training time. Outdoor Virtual Trainings offer users the chance to immerse themselves in the world's most iconic and exotic destinations. Finally, the Technogym Live console offers endless entertainment options such as TV channels, social networks, Netflix and a wide range of apps from games to news.

    • Optimal Stride: The cushioned running surface adapts automatically and dynamically to your running style, changing its responsiveness to better match user preferences.
    • New Speed Shift control: Used in combination with the Fast Track Controls, that enable you to adjust both speed and incline while maintaining the correct and safe training posture, Speed Shift allows you to create interval training profiles on-the-fly and to switch from one speed level to another with one touch.
    • New engaging Race workouts: Choose your favourite race on the new UNITY™ 2.0 console. Create your own run race in your choice of location, or join somebody else’s with Versus. Choose your marathon circuit and enjoy the virtual setting with Marathons. Enter The Arena (Patent Pending) and view anyone running on a treadmill inside the facility on the running track. If you log in, you can also decide who you want to run next to.
    • Take outdoor running indoors: With Myrunning Logbook you can recreate your favourite outdoor runs on Run 1000. Use your customary app or device to track your performance and choose which run you want to replicate directly from the UNITY™ 3.0 console.
    • Apple Watch ready: Track your activities and stats with the Apple Watch by seamlessly pairing it with the UNITY console. You can also login with the mywellness app and recall all your programmes and settings at once.
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 86” x 38” x 61” (2190 x 960 x 1551 mm)
    • Optimal Stride
    • Preventive care light
    • Max user weight (kg | lbs): 220 | 485
    • Long Life Deck
    • Integrated fan
    • HR Monitoring: Hand Sensor, Telemetry
    • Fast Track Control with Visual Setup
    • Runner Detection System
    • InMotion Safety System
    • Speed range: 0.8-27 km/h (0.5 - 18.6 mph) at 220 VAC | 0.8-22 km/h (0.5 - 13.7 mph)
    • Incline: 0-18%
    • Dimensions: 86" L x 38" W x 61" H / 219 × 96 × 155.1 cm
    • Weight: 430 lbs / 195 kg