Pre-Owned Equipment

Thanks to our industry contacts we are able to purchase high end commercial fitness equipment and offer it to our customers at a fraction of its original cost. All equipment is refurbished by replacing all of the wear and tear parts which show excessive use by its previous owner.

We generally purchase from Country Clubs, Resorts, and Hotels. The reason that we like these Facilities for our Pre-Owned Equipment Purchases is because in most cases these Facilities replace their equipment every 3 to 5 years and they usually have some kind of Regular Maintenance being provided. That ensures that we are getting equipment with the latest technology that is not beaten up by a Gym environment.

We do also buy from the Hardcore Gyms as well but usually use that equipment for export out of the country where they would be more widely accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Pre-Owned Fitness Equipment?

The most obvious answer is to save MONEY. Much like with used cars, you can benefit by getting a piece of equipment that might normally be out of the budget for a Fraction of the cost. These days for example, a New High Caliber Treadmill could cost about 5 to 7 Thousand Dollars with all the Bells And Whistles.  If you get the same treadmill that is previously owned and only a few years old, then your money has more buying power. So unless you are a Five Star Resort and must keep up with the Jones’s then the decision is a no brainer. The part that gets complicated is who to buy from and am I getting good value or just a piece of junk. There is a lot of equipment out there and while an experienced professional can tell the difference between a good deal and a bad one, the average customer does not know what to choose. Below I have listed some things to look for when making a purchase.

What about Refurbished Equipment?

Refurbished Equipment describes units that are in very good exterior condition but need replacement parts in order to work and look its best. We replace any cosmetic parts that are broken or show excessive wear. In addition, any Wear Parts or Damaged Parts are automatically replaced to ensure a long lasting reliable operation. When purchasing this type of Equipment from our Company, you can expect a very good condition unit that will impress your Members as well as perform without issues for many years.


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