TechnoGym SKILLBIKE (3 Yrs Old)
TechnoGym SKILLBIKE (3 Yrs Old)

TechnoGym SKILLBIKE (3 Yrs Old)

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Biking is a model exercise routine that focuses on ensuring you get an incredible workout. But when it comes to proper training for an actual bike race, a Skillbike gets you to the next level. As the only stationary bike with a gear shift, it provides a more natural training experience similar to riding a real bike. To make it even more effective, Skillbike helps you to train with others and compete with them to give you a good idea of what you can accomplish in the real race. In short, this bike is what you need for stationary bike workout and for bike race training. So, what features does Skillbike have, and which workouts can you do with it? Before answering those questions, let’s see the stationary bike benefits you’re likely to get from this bike.

Benefits and Muscles Involved During Training with The Stationary Bike

Just like running, cycling is a great way to boost your cardiovascular fitness. As you ride, your heart beats faster, you also breath faster, and you start sweating. This improves blood flow and oxygen circulation in the body. As a result, such exercises help manage your blood sugar and blood pressure. Plus, your mind becomes sharp, and your stress level reduces. Losing weight is easier with the Skillbike because stationary bike calories burned can reach up to 600 an hour depending on your weight. Exercising daily with this bike will help you burn more fat, ensure you build more strength, and boosts your cardiovascular endurance. Stationary bike muscles worked include quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. These are the lower body muscles that work out the most. In addition, the Skillbike can help to work out your upper body, such as the core, back, and hand muscles. Other than working out your muscles, an indoor exercise bike is safer and more convenient vis-à-vis the outdoor biking setting. You get to work out from the comfort of your home in any kind of weather at any time.

Benefits and Muscles Involved During Training with The Stationary Bike

Skillbike helps you to replicate within your house what you can do outdoors with an actual bike. It comes with shift gears, three handlebar positions, and an inclination range of -3 to +15%. All these attributes ensure you get a natural bike riding experience, including road racing, time trial, and mountain bike riding. As you ride, the bike lets you train using different resistance levels, akin to what you’d encounter in outdoor racing. At each resistance level, you can shift the gear to help you counter the resistance. Skillbike is compatible with the Zwift app , which makes indoor training fun. This app helps you to structure a workout, set a workout goal, get training from world-class coaches, interact with other riders, and compete with them. Get to experience its superb ergonomics. This bike is flexible enough to fit not only you but other members of your family as well. You can adjust the seat up, and down plus back and forth. At the same time, you can adjust the handlebars up and down to align them with the seat level. Even though you can share Skillbike with your family, you still get personalized data from the display when you log in. Your workout data is synced using Garmin and Strava to help you monitor your progress and enhance your competitive edge as you try to beat your previous records.

Stationary Bike Workout

These are some of the best exercise bike workouts you can do with Skillbike.

Virtual Cycling Challenges

Going for rides alone is not always enough when you want to get the most out of the fitness routine. Competing with others and entering monthly challenges will give you enough motivation to work out a lot more. These challenges require you to cover between 50 to 600 miles within the month. Each time you ride, you keep a record of the distance you’ve covered. Then at the end of the month, you’ll assess your performance and enter a new challenge for the next month.

HIIT Training Workout

High-intensity interval training requires you to exercise under high intensity for a short period, followed by a long interval of low-intensity workout. For instance, you can ride in high-resistance as a sprint for about 30 seconds, followed by a few minutes of low-intensity riding. The low intensity allows you to recover. Once you’ve recovered, you can go back to high-intensity riding. Repeat this cycle 4 to 6 times, and you’ll be done within 30 minutes. This tactic can help you to burn more calories faster than riding in low intensity for a longer time.

Rhythm Ride

This involves riding at the same pace as the music rhythm. You start with a warm-up which is set at low intensity. Then as resistance increases, you maintain the same pace. Eventually, you go back to low intensity for recovery while keeping the same pace.

Skillbike: Best for Training and Workout

Let’s say you’re training for a race, Skillbike will give you the natural feeling of outdoor bike riding. You’ll also get to compete with riders from all over the world. This will ensure you get the best training. At the same time, it’ll give you an effective body workout from the safety of your living space.




Length (mm | in)

1545 | 61
Width (mm | in)

638 | 25
Height (mm | in)

1301 | 51
Weight (kg | lbs)

55 | 121
Leveling feet

Resistance system

Magnetic - 4 permanent magnets in neodymium
Transport wheels

Heart rate monitoring

Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth® low energy technology transmitters
User-defined language selection

Q factor (mm | in)

170 | 6.7
Min - Max user height (cm | ft)

155 | 5.1 – 205 | 6.7
Max user weight (kg | lbs)

160 | 353

Steel with sandblasting and ED process paint with two layers of powder coating + aluminium
Flywheel weight (kg | lbs)

4.8 | 10.6
Drive system

7 ribs Poly-V® Belt with Kevlar® cords
Dual-sided SPD® pedals

 in coated silver aluminium
Water bottle holder and accessory tray

Power requirement

Input: 100-240 Vac, 50-50 Hz, 60 Watt. Output: 24 Vdc
Languages available

24 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Arabic, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Israeli, Catalan, Polish, Thai, Chinese simplified, Welsh
Incline range

Multidrive Technology

Uphill training + Power