TechnoGym TOP Upper Body Cycle with UNITY Console, Refurbished Pre-owned
TechnoGym TOP Upper Body Cycle with UNITY Console, Refurbished Pre-owned

TechnoGym TOP Upper Body Cycle with UNITY Console, Refurbished Pre-owned

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Transform your upper body with the TechnoGym TOP Upper Body Cycle. This refurbished pre-owned machine features a UNITY console for a personalized workout experience. Build strength and endurance while tracking your progress with professional accuracy. Upgrade your fitness routine with this expertly crafted machine.

Technogym Top Excite 700e w/Unity 2.0 Console, TOP provides the best cardiovascular upper body training on the market. By performing upper body rotary training with TOP, users increase fitness, improve muscular strength, endurance and the shape of their upper body.


• Rotating Handles - The rotating handles engage different muscle groups, distributing the load according to the user’s needs and preferences.
• Telescopic Arms - Telescopic arms enable use in all positions and at different heights. By varying the length of the arms, users can choose the level of involvement of the torso.
• Adjustable Hand Crank Height - The adjustable hand crank height ensures better comfort and correct posture, as well as a diversified involvement of the different muscle groups.
• Forward-Backward Resistance - Forward-backward resistance enables users to achieve a more balanced workout and the complete involvement of all shoulder and torso muscles.
• Safety and Results - The correct warm up of arm, shoulder muscles and joints before strength training and sport competitions improves results and helps prevent injuries. In just four minutes, by selecting the Warm Up function on the display, users will be taken through an exercise routine that prepares for safe and effective training.
• Cruise Control - A new workout function developed in response to market demand. Easy to access with a dedicated button and only the target speed as parameter to programme, this function is very useful and highly beneficial for sport performance training and rehabilitation.
• Testing Included - TOP sports a variety of tests that provides the user with assessment and evaluation tools for general training purposes as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. Tests include: Sub-maximal and Maximal Tests for the assessment of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels
• Calorie Coach - Yes.
• Ergonomic seat - Yes.
• Rotating handles - YES through optional Key Reader
• Mywellness platform connectivity - Yes through Key Reader, QR code and NFC (RFID)
• Bluetooth compatible for watches and Apple/Android phones
• HR monitoring -Telemetry
• Difficulty levels - 1 - 30
• Resistance at 40 RPM - (Watts) 20 - 1000
• Power Requirements -
- Equipment: 110 -240V | AC 50-60Hz
- Maximum power consumption: 100 VA.


• Goal Oriented Display - Yes
• Warm Up function - Yes
• Total number of programs -24 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Profiles (6 preset), Custom(Constant Speed, Constant Power), Training Zone, Cruise Control,
• Warm Up Sub maximal tests - Fitness Test
• Maximal tests - Maximal test, Wingate test
• Languages available - 18 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Arabian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish
• User-defined language selection - Yes


• Max User Weight: 397lbs (180kg)
• Weight: 287lbs (130kg)
• Dimensions: 60"L x 25"W x 58"H (L:155cm, W:65cm, H:149.1cm)